Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nikon 85mm 1.4G from Penn Camera

Street Mural Buenos Aires

I just got back from Buenos Aires. Over the next week I will sort through my images and put some of the best ones on the site vigorotaku.com.

Just prior to leaving I decided to check with the trusted local camera shop here in DC (Penn Camera) to see if they had by any odd chance a Nikon 85mm 1.4G in stock. I got lucky earlier in the year with a 24mm 1.4G that they happened to by some miracle have in. Well as luck would have it, they were able to locate a lens that had been designated for someone who did not come in to pick it up. Two hours prior to leaving for Buenos Aires, I pulled into the Rockville store and walked out with an 85mm 1.4G. I can't get that lens anywhere, but Penn Camera delivers yet again.

The results that I have gotten from this thing are nothing short of amazing. I would almost give up my Nikon 200mm 2.0. (Just kidding. That one is even more amazing. One of these days I will put up my Istanbul pictures where I used that to capture a traditional music and dancing performance without flash in the dark.)

The above picture is of a street mural. There is a lot of high end graffiti in Buenos Aires.

The below picture was taken in almost total darkness of two tango dancers in motion. Sure this one was at f/4, but look at the color rendition and the sharpness in low light. I was amazed that it focused so well in low light without the red assist light on a flash. (Another great trick. You put an SB-900 on top of the camera, turn it on, but hold down the flash fcn button on the camera which has been programmed to cut off the flash. What you get is the red low light illuminator, but the flash does not fire.)

Tango Dancers, Buenos Aires

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